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Konica Minolta Specialists

Konica Minolta specialists. In London and the South East and with support from a national network of trusted and approved authorised dealer associates throughout the UK. Konica Minolta is a high-quality product acclaimed for consistency and maintenance of image quality. The hardware has physical robustness that minimises paper jams and blockages.


Cost & Efficiency Analysis

We are experts in Print audit, and “follow me” print reporting for internal use and to invoice customers on a cost centre basis when required. Our assessments not only review your current print spend, but they also look at where either document automation or alternative print may reduce cost and wastage. We also review how larger organisations with multiple printers handle employee print and areas where overprovisioning on print may exist.



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Office moves and relocations working to tight schedules and with the awareness that last-minute logistical changes require flexibility (and patience!)

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